Broke out the pen and ink for this.


idk just some “I should be drawing this important thing but it’s driving me nuts so I’ll draw this instead” doodle, also known as “I put too much ink in my goblet and now I have to use it if I don’t want to waste it and hey is this indian ink waterproo- oh crap it’s not, what if i tried coloured pencils instea- wait that’s right I suck at those”

I haven’t inked things traditionally in so long

you could say I’m a bit


"why are you crying"

"i almost lost 3 pages of gay porn"

i feel like the only way to love sam rodrigues is by also being really pissed at him constantly





How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

I expected this to be a troll video about sacrificing your soul in exchange for art skills or something but this was actually very informative.

AU: Emma and Sunny are like the bestest sisters

Actually in the College AU Dave and Hal become Raiden’s foster parents after they manage to take him away from Sears for being a rly shitty psychologically abusive parent and so Raiden gets to live with them and also Emma during his teenage years and they become the bestest siblings ever???? and after that they adopt Sunny too so he has two little sisters YEYEYEE

cue Emma being super close to Raiden and also overprotective and rly disliking Sam at first bc she thinks the relationship is kinda weird and immoral (they’re sleeping together but not dating???? hes clearly taking ADVANTAGE of MY DUMB, DENSE (shes not wrong there) adoptive brother and i must PROTECT HIM) but eventually grows to like him tho she’s still kinda wary even after their relationship gets serious. And well she also doesnt like him because he’s taking her big bro away from her (she also dislikes dave for this reason)

i also really want her to at least try twice during highschool to dye Raiden’s hair brown so his head stops looking like a cleaning mop

she also reads lots of girly magazines to try and be girly even though she’s fine as she is and its ok if she likes geeky stuff etc.

sigh emma is so cute

now that i think about it raiden has a lot of sibling relationships in the au (emma, sunny, kevin, george) but sibling relationships are v important to me

Wake up every day crying over emma emmerich not being Raiden’s save codec because her interactions with him were so much more charming than Raiden’s interactions with Rose ever were.