sssigh practicing raiden and sam

im still no v convinced with sam??? like i wanted to give him this square-ish head and face shape and idk i think it looks weird. maybe i’m just not used to trying to make different head shapes. also his eyes are kind of big i know but tbh i really wanted to make the difference between his eyes and raiden’s like SURE it’s also bc i’m anime trash but when i think about sam for me it’s always bigger and rounder eyes compared to jack who’s all. slanted and very sharp.

idk everything about sam is defined by round/square for me while raiden’s all angles

sigh i wanted to make more face angles to practice them both more but!!! its time to sleep. woe is me. well suggestions are welcome?? idk im always willing to hear ideas haha good night


the holy trinity

*looks for references to draw sam*

*starts blushing and getting embarrassed*






television history

i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years


my favourite part about this skit was the fact it proceeded to become a completely normal reaction to respond to death with “MM WATCHA SAY”

like this is THE character-kill-off song. there was an entire blog dedicated to responding to dead homestuck characters with this song. this skit is a fucking legend

feed the beast


You all should check out my crack samurai playlist


when ppl reblog ur art and write nice things in the tags